• Strong Teams Talk

    Get real-time, candid insight into what your team needs from you

  • Team Feedback that Works

    ConvoBox is a simple, confidential, real-time messaging platform designed to help your team talk with you candidly about workplace issues before they become problems.


    Getting feedback from a team is hard enough as it is. We're built on Slack so we can make make it easy and simple: solving issues is only a click away, for the whole team.


    Our anonymous messaging system gives your team the confidence to come to you with any problem, anytime. And we encrypt everything (AES 256), end-to-end.


    Life is Short.

    Address any issues the moment they appear. Don't make your team wait for that quarterly survey or yearly 1-on-1.

  • ConvoBox (Beta) Pricing*

    *We're offering ConvoBox Team Edition free for as long as we're in Beta


    Free features, plus:

    • Follow-up on feedback with managed conversations
    • Advanced response options*
    • Sentiment monitoring*
    • Keyword and trend monitoring*


    Free during Beta, then